ID 131
Type of Rule Forced Requirement
Name Art/Music/Health/Tech Course Selection
Art appreciation (AHS11)
Intro comp sci 1 of 2 (MKS21)
Annual intro comp sci 1 of 2 (MKS21QA)
1 term of DRAFTING and 1 term of Introduction to CS (MKS21_TDS11)
Annual intro comp sci 2 of 2 (MKS22QA)
Health (PHS11)
Analog electronics (SKS21QAE)
Adv comp aided design (TCS21QCA)
Adv comp aided design (TCS22QCA)
Drafting & 3d modeling (TDS11)
Architecture 1 of 2 (TDS21QAA)
Architecture 2 of 2 (TDS22QAA)
Ceramics 1 of 2 (TMS21QCA)
Woodworking 1 of 2 (TMS21QWA)
Ceramics 2 of 2 (TMS22QCA)
Woodworking 2 of 2 (TMS22QWA)
Advanced robotics 1 of 2 (TQS21QBA)
Advanced robotics 2 of 2 (TQS22QBA)
3d arts technology 1 of 2 (TZS21QAA)
Graphic art i of ii (TZS21QGA)
3d arts technology 2 of 2 (TZS22QAA)
Graphic arts ii of ii (TZS22QGA)
Music appreciation (UAS11)
I would like to use 8 terms of Music to fulfill my 10Tech requirement. (ZQ10TMUS)
Art and/or Health (ZQAHS11PHS11)
Art and/or Music (ZQAHS11UAS11)
Music or Health (ZQUAS11PHS11)
Credits to Fulfill 10.0
Needs Rule
Forced Rule