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ID 2403
Course ID HVS11X
Course Name Ap us gov pol
Years Active 2020, 2023, 2022, 2019, 2021
Terms Active 2, 1
On Course Selection Form Yes
Course Placement Yes
Special Permission Course No
Credits Awarded 1.0
Retakeable No
Rules Fulfilling
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Additional Course Information

Additional Information for Course Exceptions Required? No
AP American Government
Who should take this course?
Students who are interested in politics and are not afraid of hard work. Students should be excellent in social studies.
What will we be studying?
The course deals with the dynamics of politics in America. We will be studying the American political system at the national level. Included will be a study of lobbies, forms of political participation, elections, political parties, and national political institutions: The Presidency , The Congress, The Judiciary.
What will be expected of me?
 You will be expected to read a complete college level textbook and a book of outside readings (about 500-600 pages) written by political scientists. Students will be expected to attend class, participate in discussions, complete reading and writing assignments, and prepare for the Advanced Placement Exam in May.
How is the course taught?
The class is taught through class discussion of materials assigned. There will be a model congress--students will write and discuss bills; mock Supreme Court--students will write opinions. A president from each party will choose a cabinet and solve problems.
What are the completion requirements?
There are 2-3 papers and approximately 5 exams.
Details and pre/co-requisites:
Students should have a minimum Social Studies average of 91%. This course is offered  in the fall and spring semesters. 
Syllabus There is no syllabus listed