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ID 2345
Course ID HES21X
Course Name Ap macroeconomics
Years Active 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023
Terms Active 1, 2
On Course Selection Form Yes
Course Placement Yes
Special Permission Course No
Credits Awarded 1.0
Retakeable No
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This course offers an introduction and solid grounding in basic economic principles. Macroeconomics focuses on the “big picture,” with an emphasis on the performance of the domestic and international economy.  The course analyzes the methods for measurement of economic performance, investigates the study of a nation’s economy on an aggregate basis, examines the policy alternatives facing an economy, and describes the relationships of countries in international trade and currency markets.

This A.P. course is offered in the fall term. This course, in tandem with a 4 or 5 on the Advanced Placement exam, is designed to replace a freshman introductory economics class if the student so chooses and his/her college accepts the credit.  If you are taking this course to attain an understanding of the world’s financial markets or to learn about personal financial management, you are taking the wrong course.  This course focuses much more on the real, productive economy than the financial sector. Though the abstract models are taught with real world applications in mind, the bulk of the material we cover is highly theoretical in nature.  Much of the work we do involves introducing a new variable into a theoretical model and then observing how this change alters the original relationships.  It is essential that you be comfortable in the creation, reading and use of graphical analysis.  

Students should have at least a 91% average in Social Studies.

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